Xbox One Games Crash To Dashboard Due To RAM Issues, Unofficial Fix Available Now


The official Xbox forums is full of reports from gamers about Xbox One games crashing to dashboard or failing to load after few seconds.

Xbox One

The actual cause of this issue is that Xbox One does not completely flush the memory when it goes to Power Saving mode, and so RAM become saturated after few days and memory leak issue happened, where games/application doesn’t find enough memory space and it Crash.

YouTube user GODtheSniper has discovered a pretty simple fix for this issue, all you need to do is Turn OFF Xbox One completely either by holding power button for 10-15 seconds or by unplugging the power cord after putting Xbox one in power saving mode.

Xbox One will go through Cold Boot and its RAM memory will be flushed out completely. Take a look at the video footage below-showing fix for Xbox One Games rash at Dashboard due to RAM issues.

GODtheSniper: “This is a fix for the xbox one, where your games would not load up completely. After you completely install your games, and your playing on them fine. You come back say the next day and try to play it, and all it does is load the background of the game and after 8 seconds load back the dashboard.

Quick fix- unplug the powerbrick while the console is in sleep/power save. Or hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

The reason for happening- So your xbox runs off of 8gbs of ram/memory. Not physical hd space, ram is what enables your console to run, same with computers. If your console is not completely reset after certain amounts of time the ram will get all used up, and your xbox will start to disable functions to save its ability to run.

When you tell your xbox to “turn off” or hold down controller button and turn it off like that, it goes into sleep mode. In sleep mode, it does not reset the ram. This is a flaw on Microsoft’s part, but it could be fixed with a patch. “