Dev Praises PS4 Power, The Order: 1886 Lightning, Animation & More, “Not Possible On Other Platform”

 Dev Praises PS4 Power, The Order: 1886 Lightning, Animation & More, “Not Possible On Other Platform”

Ready At Dawn’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title “The Order: 1886” looks stunning and offers almost a cinematic experience. We recently got in touch with Aron Center, Marketing Manager of Bloober Team to talk about their PlayStation 4 exclusive title “Basement Crawl and PS4”.

The Order: 1886

We asked Aron to share his view on PlayStation 4’s Unified Architecture, 8GB GDDR5 RAM and GGPU? and he replied:

“It’s an amazing piece of hardware and I’m glad we got a chance to work with Sony. I’m sure in the nearest future you’ll see how powerful it is. You got the first example with The Order 1886, it’s gonna only get better.”

We quizzed Aron further to list features/things in The Order: 1886 that are special and how PS4’s GGPU and RAM were helpful in achieveing it?

“I think what stands out for The Order: 1886 are environment details, lightning and animations, like clothing for example. I doubt it would be possible on any other platform, except PC, so Playstation’s power is certainly a very important factor here.” was the reply that came from Aron.

This is really a pretty interesting quote from Aron, no doubt environments, lighting, animations, character models and clothing, everything looks next astonishing in The Order: 1886 but raising a doubt that it would not be possible on other platforms except PC says a lot of things about PS4 power.

If you missed out recent info blowout of The Order: 1886, don’t worry, check out the screenshots and actual in-game footage below. Now let us know in the comment section, do you agree with views of Aron on The Order: 1886, that those features were not possible on any other platform except PC?

The Order: 1886 Screenshot 10 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 9 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 8 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 7 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 6 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 5 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 4 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 3 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 2 The Order: 1886 Screenshot 1 The Order: 1886 Leak Screen 2 The Order: 1886 Leak Screen 1