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  • Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Demo for Xbox 360 and PS3 Next Week

    Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 single player demo is announced today by Ubisoft. Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 demo is announced for PS3 and Xbox 360. The demo download will be live from August 16th for Xbox Live users and PSN subscribers can download it from the 18th August.

    Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Screenshot

    Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 demo will offer the 2 single player missions. The details of both missions are:

    Interception Course

    “Take to the air as a Russian pilot sent to intercept a group of stolen aircraft high above the Caucasus Mountains, a hot spot on the world conflict radar, you will be playing a Russian pilot in this mission part of the new multinational cinematic story narrative in H.A.W.X. 2.”

    Seek and Destroy

    “Playing from the perspective of the elite U.S. H.A.W.X. squadron deployed to settle conflict spilling over in Africa, you are tasked with taking out specific targets with smart ammunition at night. Take off from a carrier under the cover of night and strike against a weapon smuggling operation using precision guided laser bombs.”

    The Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 is set to release on 3rd September in Europe, the UK and South Africa. And according to some online retailers the US release is set for 7th September.

  • EA reveals It's GamesCom 2010 Line-up

    Electronic Arts has announced the final list of games that it will show at Gamescom 2010 in Germany. The list of games that you can try are:

    • Crysis 2 (PC,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360)
    • Darkspore (PC)
    • Dragon Age 2 (PC,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360)
    • FIFA 11 (PC,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Wii,PSP,NDS)
    • FIFA Manager 11 (PC)
    • Medal of Honor (PC,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360)
    • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (PC,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Wii)
    • Rock Band 3 (PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Wii,NDS )
    • The Sims 3 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii , NDS)
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

    Finally note that Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will broadcast its conference @ Gamescom, to be held on 17th August Tuesday, live through its Official Website.

    Check out : Complete Gamescom 2010 Games Line-up

  • PES 2011 Beta Registrations Now Open

    Beta registrations open for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. The beta version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The focus of the beta version will be in the new feature of Master League Online , which allows players to build their own team and compete against other teams online.

    PES 2011 Master League Online

    Many say that Pro Evolution Soccer lost its way in recent years, FIFA is on the top now. Well, this may be your opportunity to help Pro Evolution Soccer to return to where it was.

    To register for and participate in the beta Click here.Beta keys will be emailed to selected players on Monday 16th August.

  • Chaos Rings for iPad launch

    One of the most popular video game by Square Enix, Chaos Rings is now available in IPAD version from a few hours ago. From the App Store and you can find this enhanced version of role-playing game whose main improvement found in the technical section, with a 1024x768 resolution which allows us to experience 3D graphical section of town more clearly. Furthermore the development is the same, with a playing style similar to classic Japanese RPG. The price is €12.99.

    Chaos Rings for IPAD

  • Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 Xbox 360 Achievements

    Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 complete achievements list. There are total of 32 achievements with a total reward of 1000 points. Each achievement is listed below with the trick to achieve it. Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 will arrive on September 7, 2010.

    Crash test    5
    Complete the first story mission on any difficulty.

    Eye in the sky    15
    Complete "The Prisoner" on any difficulty.

    Ground support    15
    Complete "The Rescue" on any difficulty.

    Nightvision    15
    Complete "Thieves in the Night" on any difficulty.

    Red is not dead    40
    Complete "Stand-Off" on expert difficulty

    Till the end    50
    Complete all story missions on any difficulty.

    Team play    30
    Complete any story mission in coop.

    No restrictions    40
    In story mode, fly for 60 minutes in Assistance OFF.

    Peripheral vision    40
    Fly faster than mach 2 for 60 minutes in story mode.

    Confident    30
    Perform a carrier landing without using the Assisted Approach.

    Going tough    50
    Inflict 4000 damage on enemy players in a single Team Battle game.

    Spoils of war    15
    Win a Team Battle game.

    Can I keep it?    15
    Fully master a plane.

    Hard work pays off    50
    Fully master 15 planes.

    The way I like it    15
    Create a custom weapon pack.

    Swiss cheese    40
    Shoot down a player while using a plane equipped with 4 gun pods.

    Rushed    15
    Score 3 kills in 15 seconds in Survival mode.

    Still alive    50
    Complete any of the Survival mode maps.

    Resilient    30
    Complete 5 waves in Survival mode without being shot down.

    I, Support    30
    Use 3 different team support abilities.

    Engineer    30
    Repair 90 hp by using repair drones.

    Kill 100 opponents that use the same plane as you in Team Battle games.

    Participate in 100 Team Battle games.

    Nimble    30
    Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in Team Battle games.

    Nice skill, captain!    30
    Using a Mig-23, shoot down a player flying an F-22.

    Score 5 player kills in a Team Battle game without being shot down.

    Coup de grace    30
    Using only the gun, bring down 10 players that have been damaged by your team members.

    Bad luck    30
    Reach level 13.

    Reach level 50.

    Getting there
    Purchase 5 different upgrades for all your planes.

    Still counting    30
    Purchase 5 different team support elements for your planes.

    Who needs them?
    Win 10 Team Battle matches while your team is outnumbered.

  • Burn Zombie Burn! is now available on Steam

    Burn Zombie Burn! is now available on Steam. To celebrate its launch, the game will be offered a 10% discount during launch week. Hurry, as offer ends on August 18th, 2010!

    Welcome to the char-grilled world of Burn Zombie Burn, where the best type of undead is barbequed undead.

    Burn Zombie Burn screenshot

    The goals are simple: keep Bruce alive, as he tries to keep Daisy alive, and get the highest score possible. Standing (well, ambling) in your way is a never ending horde of the rotting, stinking and stupid undead. Fortunately our mild-mannered hero Bruce can get hold of some tasty weaponry. Burn, batter, shoot, maim, blow up, mince, and obliterate as many zombies as possible before they make Bruce their dinner…

    Flaming zombies are faster and more dangerous than regular uncooked zombies. But burning zombies drop better pickups and act as a score multiplier – light ‘em up, score big, and have fun.

  • Discover Football Manager 11 New features and improvements

    Sega announces the next installment in Football Manager series, the Football Manager 11. It will also release on PSP for which it is titled as Football Manager Handheld 2011. This upcoming version of Football Manager will add real-time contract negotiations for the first time and includes the different agent personalities which will require different approaches. And also includes many more improvements.

    Football Manager 11 screenshot

    According to it's official website here, The release is set for before Christmas 2010.

    Football Manager 2011 New features and improvements:

    Contract Negotiations - making its debut in Football Manager 2011 is a new live contract negotiation system, with a host of new contract clauses. Learn to deal with different types of agents as you try to secure your next big signing.

    Re-vamped training system - including more basic training schedules and individual training focus where players can be in trained in 14 different skill areas. Plus, a new match preparation area, where you can get your team to concentrate on special focus areas, and train in specific tactics, in the lead up to a match.

    Improved Interaction - new board request and backroom advice options as well as a new player interaction module allowing you to have private conversations with your players, including lots of options never seen before, taking interaction to a whole new level.

    News subscription service - expanded to make the way that news and mail is distributed even more user friendly and immersive. Dozens of additional news items and a new module written to add more intelligence in the news items themselves.

    Match View - play under the glare of the floodlights for the first time with night matches and over 100 new animations including player models, stadiums, goal celebrations and much, much more. Not forgetting improvements to what was already the best match simulation on the market.

    Dynamic League Reputation - a new feature meaning as teams get stronger and perform better on a continental level, the league they play in will also get stronger, attracting more players to want to play in the league and a more accurate modeling of the changing face of world football.