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  • Capcom Announcing a Sequel at E3: Rumor

    Capcom will be making an announcement for a sequel to one of its major franchise, and it is rumor that this announcement will be made at the E3 event but the big twist in this is the development work of this sequel will be in the hand of a Western Developer, yes it is a big twist as Capcom has said before that they won't be handing any new IPs in western hand after the outcome with Bionic Commando which failed to relaunch and Dark Void flop show.

    We can have some prediction regarding the franchise that capcom is planing for a sequel, it might be Resident Evil or Devil May Cry. But it is still a rumor so we can't say anything in this regard and can only wait to hear from Capcom officially.

  • Red Dead Redemption Patch Update Released

    Rockstar today has release a patch (title update) for their latest game title Red Dead Redemption, so playstation 3 gamers can have download it from Playstation network and Xbox 360 gamers from Xbox Live. This Patch update of Red Dead Redemption will resolve some of the multiplayer issue in the game.

    There is much more from Rockstar for the gamers of Red Dead Redemption as begininig from today a "Kill a Rockstar Multiplayer Tournament" is run by them where gamers has to track down roving posses of Rockstar employees on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for getting there chance of winning the Red Dead Rockstar Trophy/Achievement. Once gamers had their hand on this trophy they will automatically get enroll into Rockstar Game Social Club and also a chance of having a one of its kind of multiplayer character in the upcoming download content of the game.

    So go to Playstation Network and on Xbox Live and download this patch(title Update) of Red Dead Redemption.

  • Free Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition soundtrack for a limited time!

    Atlus USA Inc today released the full enhanced Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition soundtrack free of charge for a limited time. Remastered, and in some cases recomposed, every track is presented as a complete composition and a perfect reflection of the gorgeous and grotesque nature of the adventure in the world of Zenozoik. This critically acclaimed, first-person melee action adventure brawler, Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition, is now available for your punching, kicking, and headbutting pleasure on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

    The vastly enhanced Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition features new modes including all-new online and split-screen cooperative mode for the Tower and Pit Challenges, along with new combat moves, new weapons, and a whole new Zeno Rush gameplay mode. Zeno Rush mode lets players compete against themselves and each other (via online leaderboards) in trying to complete select scenarios from the single-player campaign in the shortest times possible. All this added content, combined with a series of tweaks and improvements based on fan feedback, deliver the definitive version of the critically acclaimed game.

    Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points. To download the full soundtrack, visit the website ( and click on the 'soundtrack' button.

  • Frogger Returns now at Nintendo DSiWare

    Konami today announced the availability of its first ever Nintendo DSiWare title, Frogger Returns. Based on the highly successful WiiWare version, Frogger Returns delivers the classic dodge-and-run gameplay fans remember and still love as a downloadable game on Nintendo's portable handheld platform.

    In Frogger Returns, players guide Frogger out of the hectic commotion of city streets and back to the safety of his home marsh. Staying true to its origins, Frogger Returns offers classic gameplay with colorful 3D graphics, as well as a new perspective, all-new levels and enemies. Game-changing power-ups add a fresh spin, while multiple gameplay modes raise the stakes and give players the freedom to attack their top scores, race against the clock, or simply get Frogger to his home pad.

    Frogger Returns is now available for download on Nintendo DSiWare for 500 Wii Points.

  • New Third Chapter of Runes of Magic now available

    Today sees the main expansion of the third chapter of Runes of Magic , "The Elder Kingdoms". The game servers have just opened with the updated version again.

    The latest large expansion for the popular free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) adds one unexplored new region on the new continent Zandorya with a challenging new dungeon to the game world. Besides many other new features like the new PvP battleground Tyrefen Mountain Range and an enhanced skills system, the update includes the introduction of integrated voice chat to improve communication between players. The expansion installs automatically when launching the game. An updated full version of Runes of Magic Chapter III– The Elder Kingdoms is available to download for free through the official website.

    Due to the continuing growth of the Runes of Magic community, Frogster has launched additional German, French, and Spanish language servers today. Starting tomorrow, all players can participate in an exciting release community contest, the "Level 58 Olympics", where they can obtain valuable item packages. More information about that will be given on the official website and in the forums.

    Runes of Magic Chapter 3 The Elder Kingdoms Trailer

    What's new in Chapter III?

    • Level-cap raised to 58
    • Two new zones with brand new dungeons and world bosses
    • Enabling of battles involving entire guilds with the new siege wars feature
    • Expanded monster compendium
    • New party search tool
    • New crafting system to create fusion stones with individual values
    • Newly expanded skill system linked to armor sets
    • Two selectable difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons
    • New token system allowing players to trade for exclusive armor sets
    • Guild buffs available in guild castles
    • New guild mini-games

    Upcoming in the course of Chapter III

    • Level-cap raised to 60
    • Two-player mounts
    • New role playing elements including a marriage system
    • New dungeons
    • New zones
  • Mafia II for Windows PC coming with PhysX and 3D Vision

    2K Games announced today a partnership with NVIDIA to bring NVIDIA PhysX technology to all versions of Mafia II, the epic mobster crime drama coming to the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. Additionally, the Windows PC version will feature a thorough integration of NVIDIA PhysX and 3D Vision technology into 2K Czech's Illusion EngineTM. Mafia II will be the first Windows PC game ever to utilize the NVIDIA APEX Clothing module, providing an immersive gameplay experience in the world of 1940s and 1950s Americana.

    The integration of PhysX and NVIDIA APEX technology, including the APEX Clothing and Particle modules, enable the city and personalities of Empire Bay to truly come alive on Windows PC. The NVIDIA APEX Clothing module allows for more dynamic movement in clothing, making in-game characters even more realistic and reactive to environmental conditions. With the implementation of NVIDIA APEX Particles, players are engulfed in lifelike explosions that are bigger and brighter, including weapon fragments, in-game debris and destructible environments that are amplified in both quantity and realism through the integration of APEX Particles. For example, a pistol fired into a glass pane will emit hundreds of glass shards; a shotgun blasted through a wooden landing will splinter the wood; and a Tommy Gun will chip into a brick or stone wall to methodically fracture and break it into pieces.

    "We are extremely excited about the upcoming launch of Mafia II for Windows PC," said Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce business at NVIDIA. "With support for GPU-accelerated PhysX and 3D Vision, gamers will be able to experience the mob world in a whole other dimension. Gamers are in for a real treat."

    Mafia II for Windows PC will also be playable in full stereoscopic 3D, courtesy of NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, which combines high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software to create an impressive element of authenticity and immersive realism. Players will be blown away by the added depth of field on display as particles and explosions come off the screen in thrilling 3D.

    Mafia II will be available in North America on August 24, 2010, and internationally on August 27, 2010. Mafia II is currently in development by 2K Czech, the same creative team behind the award-winning, genre-defining Mafia, which captivated millions of gamers around the world.

  • Final Fantasy XIII Going Multi-platform?

    Final Fantasy XIII might soon be coming to other platform as reports coming out from Q&A session suggest that Square Enix is planing to make Final Fantasy XIII multi platform as well.

    Square Enix President, Yoichi Wada, was asked about the same at the Q&A session held in Tokoyo and he responded it in the very positive manner saying "We'll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement".

    So don't be surprise if you get to see a announcement of Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform as it is a Playstation 3 exclusive and the possible release of its multiplatform version will be after Playstation 3 version of the game. But you can say anything in this regard also as the release date is not yet out.

  • PES 2010 Skills and Goals Video

    A video tutorial for all the players of PES 2010, from this video gamers of PES 2010 will learn how to perform various skill along with the tips and tricks of the game.

  • Red Dead Redemption PS3 Exclusive Content

    If you are a lucky one who have an early copy of Playstation 3 Red Dead Redemption than you will be having an access to a tow new downloaded content for the game. The two downloadable content will be Solomon's Folly Gang Hideou and Walton Gang Outfit.

    The details about this two downloaded content of Red Dead Redemption is still not available and an official announcement is also awaited from the Rockstar. So before jumping into any conclusion lets wait patiently for its official announcemet first.