All crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest

All crafting recipes discovered so far.

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest allows you to pick up different materials and use them to craft various items. However, while the Crafting Book contains blueprints for different structures, it does not provide any information on how to craft items. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of all the crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest crafting recipes

So far, we have discovered over 20 items that can be crafted using different materials. The materials can be picked up from different spots as regular loot, and we suggest you explore abandoned camps for them. In any case, you can find all crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest below.

Screenshot by Gamepur
ItemMaterials needed
Bone Armor4 bones, 1 rope, and 1 duct tape
Canned FoodCanned food and can opener
Cat FoodCat food and can opener
ChainsawChainsaw and battery
Crafted Bow2 sticks, 1 rope, and 1 duct tape
Crafted Club1 stock, 1 rope, and 1 skull
Crafted Spear2 sticks, 1 duct tape, and a utility knife
Energy Mix1 chicory and 1 arrowleaf
Energy Mix+1 chicory, 1 fireweed, and 1 devil’s club
FlashlightFlashlight and battery
Health Mix1 yarrow and 1 aloe vera
Health Mix+1 aloe vera, 1 horsetail, and 1 fireweed
Hide Armor2 hides and 1 cloth
Leaf Armor10 leaves and 1 cloth
Molotov1 vodka bottle and 1 cloth
Repair Tool1 stick, 1 rope, and 1 stone
Stone Arrow4 small stones, 2 sticks, and 2 feathers
Tech Armor1 tech mesh, 1 wire, 1 circuit board, 1 duct tape, and 1 battery
Time Bomb1 C2 brick, 1 wire, 1 circuit board, 1 duct tape, 1 watch, and 5 coins
Torch1 stick and 1 cloth
ZiplineGrappling hook and 1 rope

It is important to note that the Chainsaw and Flashlight are items that can be picked up as loot. The crafting recipes we mentioned for them are for the time when they stop working.