How to use a holiday Presents item in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest 2021

Seek and you will find.

A new day means a new Winterfest 2021 challenge in Fortnite Chapter 3. Today, players will need to find and use a Holiday Presents item. This is easy, although not really something that players can control.

The Holiday Presents item can be found all over the map as either ground loot or drops from chests. The golden item will look like a small Christmas present, and can be thrown like a grenade. When it hits the ground it forms a giant present, made of four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Players can throw it at their feet to have it form around them.

Inside, they will find some loot. This can be health, shields, or weapons up to and including Legendary, which can be extremely useful. There is nowhere specific on the map that you can go to find them one, you will just need to keep playing until you find a Holiday Presents item that you can use for the challenge. Keep an eye open for the orange/golden glow from the loot.

From now until January 6, players can also dig into Winterfest 2021’s own set of quests and challenges, all of which reward you handsomely with boatloads of XP. In addition, the game is also celebrating one of the year’s biggest movie releases, with Spider-Man: No Way Home cosmetics now available in the Item Shop.

You can find all the challenges below, and we will have links to useful guides to help you complete the awkward ones as soon as we can get them completed.

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