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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Find All Bounty Hunters

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has several Bounty Hunters you need to track down, and this walkthrough guides you to find them all.

There are multiple dangers you’re going to encounter while playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. One of the more dangerous foes you’ll come across is the handful of Bounty Hunters tracking Cal Kestis and attempting to take him down.

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All Bounty Hunters appear at a specific location in Jedi: Survivor, and by defeating them all, you’ll earn Bounty Pucks. These are useful items you can turn in to Caij Vanda at Pyloon’s Saloon for multiple rewards. This guide covers how to find all Bounty Hunters to get their Bounty Pucks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find All Bounty Hunters in Jedi: Survivor

There are 16 Bounter Hunters for you to track down in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. There are two ways you can go about finding them. The first is more direct, and that’s by tracking them down yourself after you take down the first one in the Devastated Settlement, and Caij introduces herself. The second is speaking with Caij in Pyloon’s Saloon and getting hints from her. Both methods are valid.

Rather than tackle these enemies throughout the campaign, I tackled this challenge after the credits rolled. This felt like a better time to track down the bounty hunters in Jedi: Survivor and get Bounty Pucks. Although I missed out on the rewards from Caij, I found it was a better way to interweave this into the main story with Cal Kestis.

You can track your progress by checking the Bounties section of your inventory. The Bounty Hunter slots will remain blank unless you speak with Caij or encounter these Bounty Hunters while exploring Jedi: Survivor. These characters can appear on Koboh, the Shattered Moon, Coruscant, and Jedha.

Every Bounty Hunter Location in Jedi: Survivor.

These are where you can find all 16 Bounty Hunters in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Defeating a named Bounty Hunter rewards you with a Bounty Puck that you can redeem at Caij’s shop at Pyloon’s Saloon.

Bounty Hunter LocationBounty Hunter NameDescription
Corde the Half locationYou can find Corde the Half on Jedha in the Halls of Ranvell. You will also have to battle against PR-85T the Other Half.
Fenn Finau locationYou can find Fenn Finau fighting alongside Masi Finau and KLE-0 in the Hanger Bay on Nova Garon.
Gatt Medo locationGatt Medo will appear on Coruscant in the Freight Handling Depot. They will have a handful of other Bounty Hunters helping them out during this encounter.
Jo the Cannibal locationJo the Cannibal will be one of the final encounters you have when facing down the Bounty Hunters. You’ll need to take them on at the top of the Yurt Barracks on Koboh, in the Viscid Bog region of Jedi: Survivor.
Kili Oso locationYou can find Kili Oso on Jedha, inside the Sanctuary Temple. They will be one of the tougher encounters, and you’ll need to find your way through this temple to take on Kili.
Kip Ostar locationYou can find Kip Ostar inside the walls of the Derelict Dam, and they will be one of the first Bounty Hunters you can battle against.
Kle-0 locationKle-0 will appear on Nova Garon alongside Masi Finau and Fenn Finau in the Hanger Bay.
Korej Lim locationKorej Lim is the first Bounty Hunter you fight against in the Devastated Settlement. After defeating them, you’ll encounter Caij for the first time outside of Pyloon’s Saloon, setting you off to track down all these Bounty Hunters.
Mash locationMash is a Brawler Droid that you can find wandering around the halls of the Shattered Moon, inside the Automated Forge.
Masi Finau locationMasi Finau is an opponent you must fight against on Nova Garon, who will have Kle-0 and Fenn Finau as backup.
Meyen Corr locationYou can find Meyen Corr wandering around the entrance of Boiling Bluff on Koboh.
PR-85T The Other Half locationPR-85T is an opponent that battles against Corde the Half. These two Bounty Hunters appear on Jedha, in the Halls of Ranvell in Jedi: Survivor.
Raz locationYou can find Raz wandering around the west side of the Forest Array on Koboh.
Selfin Jook locationSelfin Jook will be working alongside a handful of other Bounty Hunters and is waiting to ambush you on the Observatory Understructure area of the Mountain Observatory.
Vaslyn Martz locationVaslyn Martz will attempt to use the fog to their advantage in the Fogged Expanse area of Proespector’s Folly on Koboh.
Yuhong locationYou can find Yuhong wandering around the Path of Restoration location on Jedha in Jedi: Survivor.

After you’ve tracked down all of these Bounty Hunters, Caij will leave her spot at Pyloon’s Saloon. She will now appear where you encounter the first Bounty Hunter, Korej Lim, at the Devastated Settlement. Head to this location to speak with her, and you’ll complete all the Bounty Hunter objectives in Jedi: Survivor.

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And that’s it! Check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below so you don’t miss any hidden secrets on your journey.

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