Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get The Zora Armor Set

Here’s how to acquire the Zora Armor, Zora Greaves, and Zora Helm in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda Zora Armor Set Tears of the Kingdom Cover

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The Zora Armor set makes its return in The Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, following its appearance in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity. In Tears of the Kingdom, the Zora Armor set is part of the Zora’s Domain questline, but with our help, you should be able to find all of the pieces in no time.

The set comprises Zora Armor, Zora Greaves, and Zora Helm. On its own, the Zora Armor lets Link ascend waterfalls, while each piece of the Zora Armor set increases Link’s swimming speed. It’s worth pursuing the gear and using it when exploring Hyrule, as swimming is a big part of the game, and drowning is a threat that always hangs over Link, especially when you glide for long periods of time and fall into the water with low stamina.

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Where to Find All Zora Armor locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Link wearing the Zora set in Tears of the Kingdom
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The Zora Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom is tied to one of the four main storylines. You must first complete the tutorial and proceed along the story until you unlock a quest called “Regional Phenomena.” This will cause four quest markers to appear on the map. To reach Zora’s Domain, head to the quest marker directly east of Castle Town.

You have to proceed along the Zora’s Domain quest line involving Prince Sidon to unlock the Zora Armor. Once you have finished Tears of the Kingdom’s Water Temple, you will be able to pursue the Zora Greaves and Zora Helm in quests that appear in Zora’s Domain.

How to Find the Zora Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Mipha Statue Zora Armor quest Tears of the Kingdom
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If you intend to follow the Zora’s Domain storyline, you must find the Zora Armor. Proceed along the quest line, and eventually, Yona will give you a quest called “Restoring the Zora Armor.” You need to bring her an ancient arowana fish so she can repair the armor. Travel to Dento, the blacksmith in the Zora’s Domain General Store, and he will tell you where the fish can be found.

Fast travel to Mipha Court and run up the stairs leading to a statue of Mipha with a pool beneath it. Jump into the pool and swim up to the ancient arowana to catch it. Return to Yona, and she will give you the Zora Armor. You will need the Zora Armor to continue the storyline, as you cannot reach the Water Temple without it, as it’s needed to ascend the waterfall leading to its entrance.

How to Find the Zora Greaves Chest Location in Tears of the Kingdom

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Once you have the Zora Armor, you can travel to the Water Temple with Prince Sidon. Complete the dungeon and defeat Mucktorok in the Water Temple to finish the quest. Link and Prince Sidon will return to Zora’s Domain, and you’ll be given control after a few cutscenes. You can then talk to Yona, who will give you the “A Token of Friendship” quest, which rewards the player with Zora’s Greaves.

Fast travel to Mipha Court and glide over the East Reservoir Lake. You’ll notice a whirlpool in the lake’s center, which you must drop into. This will lead to the Ancient Zora Waterworks, which is a straightforward dungeon where you descend into an area that has a Stone Tallus. The bottom floor has a waterfall, and a chest behind it containing the Zora Greaves. The location of the chest is shown in the screenshot above.

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How to Find the Zora Helm Chest Location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Zora Helm Map
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Once you have the Zora Greaves, return to Yona in Zora’s Domain and talk to her. She will prompt you to go to the throne room. Head over to the throne room, where you meet two arguing Zoras, Khira and Chroma. Speak to them to start the “A Never-Ending Lecture” quest.

The Zora Helm is in a chest within the Grand Scales Island in the sky. To reach this location, either ascend the waterfall in East Reservoir Lake or fast travel to the Igoshon Shrine, which will send you to Wellspring Island. Run to the end of the eastern bridge on Wellspring Island and jump off to reach Grand Scales Island.

Head to the eastern side of the tail on Grand Scales Island and spin the camera to look at the right side of the island. You’ll see a cave entrance in the rocks. Glide over and enter the cave, and you’ll find the chest containing the Zora Helm.

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