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The 3 best Crusader builds in Diablo 3

Unleash holy wrath on the demons of Hell with these three best Crusader builds.

The Crusader character class in Diablo 3 is a popular class for those looking for something a little easier to play. Their natural tankiness of Crusaders tend to rely on thorn damage and a heal-on-hit effect, but massive armor plates surrounding their hero doesn’t hurt either. As with every best-in-class build, the three preferred Crusader builds tend to rely on specific set pieces, preferably with Ancient rolls to maximize grift runs, but isn’t set in stone. Here are the current top 3 Crusader builds in Diablo 3.

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#3 — Bombardment Crusader

This build ran supreme in the beginning of Diablo 3 seasons, but fell off to make room for newer builds. This build revolves around the use of the Bombardment skill coupled with Barrel of Spikes as its rune, then maximizing area damage and thorns which that skill builds with. It can be difficult to gear, and won’t top the leaderboards, but once it’s in motion this build can speed farm for anything else needed.

Bombardment Crusader gear list

For gear, you’re looking for six specific items with maximized rolls, if not Ancient-tier as well. This can make it difficult to grind for, but the results speak for themselves. Further, every end-game build is going to require a heft of a grind: don’t be deterred by this, as it’s an ideal means of getting comfortable with the class.

Item nameSlot
The Mortal DramaWeapon
Belt of the TroveBelt
Convention of ElementsRing
Akarat’s AwakeningShield
Stone GauntletsHands
Aquila CuirassChest

Bombardment Crusader skill set

Screenshot by Gamepur
BombardmentBarrel of Spikes
Akarat’s ChampionProphet
Iron SkinReflective Skin

For the sixth slot, take any Law. Laws of Justice works with Decaying Strength, Laws of Hope works with Wings of Angels, or Laws of Valor can pair well with Unstoppable Force.

Bombardment acts as the primary DPS for this build, while Punish acts as a proc for a heal-on-hit and additional attack speed. Akarat should be used any time that things are looking dire, as the wrath, immunity, and toughness increase are unmatched in the Crusader skill tree. Iron Skin triples thorns damage, and Vacuum should be used to aggregate enemies for Bombardment elimination. This build excels in gathering crafting mats, whether it be death breath or gems, so enjoy throwing barrels all across the hordes of Hell.

#2 — Akkhan Condemnation Crusader build

The Akkhan armor set offers a few unique benefits that this build exploits for maximum damage potential with the Crusader: Judgement has no cooldown and gains the effect of every listed rune, Phalanx attacks reduce Akarat’s Champion cooldown while applying condemn to Judged enemies, and Akarat’s Champion deals an increased 1500% damage. All together, it’s a nasty combination that will roll almost any grift that players have the motivation to seek.

Condemnation Crusader gear list

As mentioned, we’re seeking the Akkhan set, but we’ll also exploit the Ring of Royal Grandeur within Kunai’s Cube to drop the set requirements by a single piece. From there, it’s simply the process of using the skills outlined by the skillset to maximize our DPS and clear speed.

Helm of AkkhanHead
Pauldrons of AkkhanShoulders
Gauntlets of AkkhanHands
Breastplate of AkkhanChest
Hellcat WaistguardBelt
Captain Crimson’s ThrustPants
Captain Crimson’s WadersFeet
Talisman of AkkhanNeck
Restraint & FocusRings
Blade of ProphecyWeapon
Unrelenting PhalanxOff-hand

Condemnation Crusader skill set

Screenshot by Gamepur
Akarat’s ChampionProphet
Laws of HopeWings of Angels
JusticeSword of Justice

Akkhan’s full set gives us a lot of power with Judgment and Condemnation, and the Captain Crimson full set increases our damage and cooldown speeds. In execution, it’s a flurry of attacks and life leech that plays blisteringly quick with Akarat’s Champion on reserve. Phalanx acts as an additional booster to the DPS we can output, and the lessened cooldowns gives us a fantastic uptime.

Judgment should be constantly spammed at any enemies, with a follow-up featuring the bow Phalanx and the Justice primary. Condemn receives an instant explosion thanks to the Unleashed rune, which procs anytime the Phalanx attacks a Judged enemy, and Akarat should give enough burst to farm Diablo 3 bosses or elites that spawn.

#1 — Aegis Fury Crusader

This build is famous for being the first clear of grift 150 in the world, and also one of the strongest Guardian killers in the game. If you’re comfortable with the Crusader, it will eventually be time to experiment with the Aegis Fury build. This build offers absurd single-target DPS with fantastic self-sustain, but it is a slower play compared to other heroes and Crusader builds. This build also fittingly has a lot of gear requirements, so get comfortable — you’ll be on the grind.

Aegis Fury gear list

This set, much like the Condemnation Crusader build, will take advantage of two gear sets, meaning players will need to have the Ring of Royal Grandeur in the Kunai. Both the Aegis of Valor and Captain Crimson’s Trimmings sets will both come into play, along with a variety of Legendaries.

Item nameSlot
Crown of ValorHead
Spaulders of ValorShoulder
Brigandine of ValorChest
Gauntlets of ValorHands
Greaves of ValorFeet
Captain Crimson’s Silk GirdleBelt
Captain Crimson’s ThrustPants
Bracer of FuryArms
Shield of FuryOff-hand
Fate of the FellWeapon
Convention of ElementsRing

Aegis Fury skill set

Screenshot by Gamepur
Heaven’s FuryFires of Heaven
Fist of the HeavensFissure
Judgment or Shield GlarePlayer choice
Laws of ValorUnstoppable Force
Akarat’s ChampionProphet
Iron SkinFlash

Spam Fist of the Heavens as Wrath allows, and keep Heaven’s Fury for farther targets that need additional convincing to fall over. Iron Skin can be replaced for anything the player needs at the time — Iron Skin works well once the build has been completed, but a Wrath generator such as Justice/Crack can help shore-up Wrath if players are low. Keep Law of Valor on cooldown when enemies are nearby, and use Judgment or Shield Glare to control enemy movement and damage.

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