All Holiday Tree locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest 2021

Happy holidays.

Winterfest 2021 means new Holidays Trees that can be found all over the map. They will often have chests that spawn at them, although the number of chests that spawn is random from match to match, and sometimes no chests will spawn at all.

You can find assorted Holiday Tree locations shown below on the map.

Image by Gamepur
  • Jut outside of The Daily Bugle
  • Near the main diner at Coney Crossroads
  • Between the small log cabins and lodge where Cuddle Team Leader spawns at Camp Cuddle.
  • Logjam Lumberyard, outside of the main building in the lumberyard itself.
  • Near the reboot van parked in Shifty Shafts
  • Near the Tacos restaurant at Greasy Grove
  • In the main area at Rocky Reels
  • Near the racetrack at Chonker’s Speedway
  • Outside the Noms convenience store at Sleepy Sound
  • Near the runes at Sanctuary where you can find The Foundation
  • Between the small shack and the large fortress at The Joneses
  • Outside of the condo across the street from Canyon Plaza and the pawn shop at Condo Canyon

You can find all the challenges below, and we will have links to useful guides to help you complete the awkward ones as soon as we can get them completed.