Dead by Daylight: Who Are The Most Popular Killers? (October 2023)

Dead by Daylight is packed with Killers to play as, but only a handful can ever be ranked as the best at any one time.

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In Dead by Daylight, four Survivor players are mercilessly hunted down and murdered by a single but very powerful Killer player. Over the years, the roster of Survivors and Killers has grown to the point where it’s hard to know which one to play as.

Killers have grades attached to them to show if they’re deemed easy or difficult to play as. However, the difficulty of a Killer doesn’t necessarily correlate to in-game success. That’s why it’s important to know who the most popular Killers are so players can jump on those same characters.

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Developer Behaviour Interactive shares who the most popular Killers for the past month have been regularly on social media. Using this data, we can track which Killers are being used the most by players and speculate as to why.

This information should help newcomers and hardcore fans looking for a new challenge find a Killer to switch to and invest their time with. The longer someone plays as a Killer, the better they’ll become as them, and the more Trials they’ll win for the Entity.

Below, we’ve listed the 10 most popular Killers for the period preceding October 2023 (August 25 to September 25), so players can check which Killers they might want to switch to for the following month based on what the community is doing.

1) The Xenomorph

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Xenomorph is the most popular Killer heading into the month. This is almost certainly because it was released over the same period, meaning most Dead by Daylight fans will have purchased the new Chapter and played as it to take advantage of the newest content in the game. We did exactly the same and crafted a pretty amazing build.

Even though it’s new, The Xenomorph is also an incredibly capable Killer. In fact, it’s almost downright broken in the way it makes hunting Survivors across the map so easy. It was also the focus of a Dead by Daylight meme because the Queen skin is so absolutely massive it can be seen anywhere, even in stealth mode.

2) The Huntress

Dead by Daylight error guide how to huntress
Image by Behaviour Interactive

The Huntress has been an incredible staple Killer since the early days of Dead by Daylight. The reason she’s so popular is twofold. First, she’s one of the base Killers all players start the game with access to. Second, her throwing axe is overpowered – if you can land those hits.

She’s also seen a bit of a buff, thanks to a recent update that shortened her pickup time for more ammo. This only enhances the build we’ve carefully made for her.

3) The Wraith

Image via Behaviour Interactive

As with The Huntress, The Wraith is a Killer every Dead by Daylight player has access to from the very beginning. While it’s fallen out of favor a little, it’s still a very popular Killer because it can become almost entirely invisible. This makes stalking Survivors easy, and with the right Perks, the Killer can win every single match.

4) The Mastermind (Albert Wesker)

Image via Behaviour Interactive YouTube

The Mastermind has been popular since his release. However, he’s fallen slightly since last month because better Killers are coming along to replace him. The thing players love about The Mastermind is his muscly exterior, which Behaviour Interactive paid great attention to, and the number of glitches it’s possible to pull off using him.

5) The Ghost Face

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Ghost Face is down slightly month-on-month in popularity but still staying strong in the middle of the pack. This Killer is great for those who want to take out an entire team of Survivors because it’s so incredibly stealthy. The added power it has once it’s marked a Survivor makes skilled players unstoppable, and the difficulty level to play it isn’t even that high.

6) The Legion

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Legion may be one of the most hated original Dead by Daylight Killers, but players are still using it. There’s a chance the Killer’s comic has added to its popularity over the past month, but there’s also no denying quite how easy it is to take out at least two Survivors in every Trial when running this speedy hunter.

With this Killer, players can inflict a deep wound that will down Survivors if they don’t sort it out. We’ve used it before to just run rings around the team of Survivors, cutting each of them, in turn, to keep the speed going, and ended up wiping them out completely.

7) The Shape (Michael Myers)

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Shape is possibly the best stealth Killer in Dead by Daylight. While using it, players can prevent Survivors from hearing the Terror Radius as it targets them. Then, once it’s reached its third level of power, The Shape can down a Survivor in one hit regardless of health level. We’ve used it more than once to decimate teams.

8) The Nurse

Image via Behaviour Interactive

We’ll say it, The Nurse is the hardest Killer to play as in Dead by Daylight. Her blink ability is impossible to master as far as we’re concerned, yet somehow, she still manages to be a fairly popular Killer. This is aided by the fact that she’s available to all players, but we’re almost certain the only players maining her are those who want her as bragging rights.

9) The Trapper

Image via Behaviour Studios

The Trapper is a solid Killer for every player. He’s easy to master, having traps all over the map to activate and snare Survivors in. His mechanics aren’t weird or crazy, they’re super straightforward, and he’s also part of the base game so everyone can play as him. We’re surprised he’s not more popular as the cover Killer, but it may be that most players have grown tired of him and just want a new challenge.

10) The Blight

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Blight is another one of those incredibly hard-to-master Killers in Dead by Daylight. However, we will say that players who do master it are unstoppable. More than once, we’ve had Blight mains murder us in seconds with the speedy rush attack this monster has under its belt. We can’t help but love it because it’s one of the most iconic original Killers in the game.