Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get The 5 Shot Lynel Bow

Whether used for maximizing damage or item duping, here is how you can get a 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow in TotK.

savage lynel bow totk

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There is a variety of bows in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but none are as formidable as the Savage Lynel bow. Carried by the deadly horse-man-lion hybrids who roam Hyrule, these bows fire three arrows at a time dealing 32 damage or more per projectile.

Yet, the fun doesn’t stop there. While uncovering the secrets of Hyrule, players discovered a 5-Shot Lynel Bow putting the normal three-shot to shame. Here is how players can get their hands on the best bow in TotK: The 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow.

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5 Shot Lynel Bow Location in TotK

Contrary to what you might think, you can’t get the 5 Shot bow by defeating a Lynel. It doesn’t drop from any of the enemies in Hyrule. Instead, players have to “craft” this bow using a three-shot bow and a Rock Octorok.

The first step to obtaining a 5-Shot Lynel Bow is getting a three-shot Lynel Bow. We recommend going to the Floating Coliseum in The Depths, as there are six Lynel there, and all have a chance to drop a Lynel Bow. See the location below:

floating coliseum totk
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Once you have a measly three-shot bow, it’s time to return to the surface. More specifically, you’ll need to head to Death Mountain in search of a Rock Octorok. Again, you can check the map below to see the exact locations of the Rock Octoroks.

totk rock octorok locations
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With a Savage Lynel Bow in hand and a Rock Octorok in sight, follow the steps below to acquire a 5-shot bow in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Save in front of the Rock Octorok
  • Drop the three-shot bow on the ground
  • Let the Rock Octorok suck up the bow (use Ultrahand to move the bow closer if needed)
  • Wait for the sparkles, and retrieve the bow when it is spit out
  • Check the bow in your inventory to see if it got the “Five-Shot Burst” perk
  • If it received a different bonus (i.e. Attack Up), reload from your last save and try again

This may take a few attempts seeing as the bonus the Octorok gives the bow is random, but eventually, you will receive a 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow in TotK.

Note: Each Rock Octorok can only produce one 5-shot bow per Blood Moon cycle.

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