Tears of the Kingdom – Zonaite Armor Set Locations & Puzzle Solutions

Tears of the Kingdom introduces Zonai culture to the Zelda franchise. Here’s how you can fully embrace it with the Zonaite Armor Set.

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The Zonaite Armor set is one of the most challenging armor sets to obtain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The set consists of three pieces: the Zonaite Helm, the Zonaite Waistguard, and the Zonaite Shin Guards. Each piece is located on a different Sky Island, and you must use various devices to reach them. Here is a guide on where to find each piece of the Zonaite Armor set.

How to Get All Three Zonaite Armor Pieces in TotK

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To obtain all three pieces of the Zonaite Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom, players will need to complete several difficult puzzles with combat challenges. Below is a detailed guide for finding each piece of armor.

TotK Zonaite Helm Location

The Zonaite Helm can be obtained in the West Hebra Sky Archipelago.


  • 2 wheels of Stamina or stamina-replenishing meals
  • Zora Armor Piece
Once you have the Zora Armor, head to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower in the Hebra region.
Use the trampoline to reach the Sky and start gliding east toward the waterfall. Swim up the waterfall with the Zora Armor Piece to reach the Sky islands above. 
On the first island, craft a Minecart with one single rocket in the back to reach the next island. Don’t add two rockets unless you want your minecart to fall into the abyss.
Attach two fans and two rockets to the Wing device on the second island to reach the island above.
Attach both trampolines to the third island to reach the Zonai floating device above. 
Defeat the Zonai Soldier on top and use the rockets to fly higher. Then, glide to the west to reach Lightcast Island.
Here, activate the green terminal and head toward the cave. Beware of the level IV Zonai Soldier nearby.
Once inside, there will be a light and mirrors puzzle. To solve it, use the mirrors to project the light to the left until it reaches the light absorption device.
Atop the light absorption device lies a chest with the Zonaite Helm.

TotK Zonaite Waistguard Location

The Zonaite Waistguard is located on Zonaite Forge Island in the Necluda Sky.


  • 2 wheels of Stamina or stamina-replenishing meals
  • Zora Armor Piece
  • A Hydrant Device

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To reach the island, head to Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. Once airborne, head west toward the Necluda Sky Archipelago. 
Use the waterfall to swim upwards and reach the first island. Then, head toward the floating Zonai device, beat the Soldier, and attach a rocket.
Use this flying device to reach the island before you and activate the terminal.
Once there, keep jumping on the fans below to glide clockwise and ascend until reaching the final one.
When a hole is visible at the center, drop down and avoid the lasers. Activate Yansamin Shrine once you reach the bottom. 
Take your hydrant device out, and use it to make platforms in the lava behind the shrine, as close to the wall as possible. 
Hop on the platform and use Ascend, and you’ll pop out in a secret room with the chest containing the Zonaite Waistguard.

TotK Zonaite Shin Guards Location

The Zonaite Shin Guards are on the Sky Mine islands in the Necluda Sky. Take advantage of a flying device near the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to reach the island.

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Zonai Shingaurds TotK Skyview TowerHead to Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and use the trampoline.
Zonai Shingaurds Flux ConstructGlide east toward the nearest island once you’re flying in the skies above this Skyview Tower. Here, there’ll be a Flux Construct II that can be neglected entirely.

Totk Zonai Shingaurds Flying Vehicle
There are enough materials to build a flying device on the island’s tip. Use them to fly above and to the west until reaching the Sky Mine island. Activate the green tower to begin the puzzle. On the first island, jump on the propeller to reach the next one. Next, spin the handle to the right so the propeller faces the island above.
TotK Zonai Shingaurds Sky Tower HoleOn this island, spin the handle until it faces toward the gigantic circle’s hole. Then, place one of the big cubes nearby in the propeller. Since there are so many around, you can give this a few tries until it fits on the hole. Then, it’s Link’s turn. Hop on the propeller and reach the circular-shaped island.
Totk Zonai Shingaurds Treasure LocationOnce inside, place the cube in the triggering device for the circle to start spinning in a different direction. Climb towards the exit of the circle and glide in the opposite direction of its rotation until you spot a smaller circle.
TotK Zonai Shingards ChestJump inside to find a treasure with the Zonaite Shin Guards.

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