All achievements in Dead by Daylight

100% with your favorite killer: Nurse, Clown, or Nea.

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Since its release in 2016, Dead by Daylight has been a horror hit, using this popular genre to create a competitive, multiplayer experience. Given its age, the game has hundreds of achievements for its players to attempt. Only the most hardcore of players get anywhere close to completing all these unique challenges, though, so let’s give you an easy-to-digest checklist of all the achievements in Dead by Daylight.

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Progress achievements

These are the kinds of achievements that naturally come with playing through the game and ranking up. So, the more you play and win, the more of these milestones you’ll hit.

  • Getting the Hang of It: Raise your Grade for the first time on either Killer or Survivor
  • It Wakes: Reach Level 10 with any character
  • Not Half Bad: Reach Level 25 with any character
  • I: Reach Prestige I with any character
  • II: Reach Prestige II with any character
  • III: Reach Prestige III with any character
  • III-50: Reach Level 50 with any Prestige III character
  • Gifts for The Fog: Burn an Ultra Rare Offering
  • Skillful: Purchase Tier III of any Perk from the Bloodweb
  • Zealous: Exceed the cap of 8,000 Bloodpoints in any scoring Category in a single trial
  • Bloody Millionaire: Accumulate 1,000,000+ Bloodpoints throughout your playtime
  • Happy Holidays: Open 100 Winter Gifts on the Bloodweb (or by opening mystery boxes)

Map achievements

Certain generators and activities on maps are considered bonus feats, either because of their difficulty to reach or their central location. If you escape these situations alive, you can add these achievements to your collection.

  • Ancestor’s Rite: Repair the Generator inside the Family Residence and escape
  • Campbell’s Chapel Legacy: Repair inside the Chapel on Father Campbell’s Chapel and escape
  • Cherish Your Life: Repair the Generator inside the Bathroom on The Game and escape
  • Classy Act: Repair the Generator inside the Music Room or Chemistry Laboratory on Midwich Elementary School and escape
  • Cottage Owner: Repair the Generator inside the Cottage on Mother’s Dwelling and escape
  • Flight to Freedom: Repair the Generator inside the Eyrie on Eyrie of Crows and escape
  • Grim Pilgrimage: Repair the Generator in the Shrine on Sanctum of Wrath and escape
  • House of Pain: Repair the Generator inside Myers’ House on Lampkin Lane and escape
  • Old West Oasis: Repair the Generator in the Saloon on Dead Dawg Saloon and escape
  • Operation: Survival: Repair the Generator in the Operation Theatre on Treatment Theatre and escape
  • Outrun the Overlap: Repair the Generator in the main house on Garden of Joy and escape
  • Raccoon City Recruit: Repair the Generator in the Main Hall of Raccoon City Police Station and escape
  • Shock Therapy: Repair the Generatorinside the Asylum on Disturbed Ward and escape
  • Shrine Apparatus: Repair the Generator inside the Temple on The Temple of Purgation and escape
  • Unforgettable Getaway: Repair the Generator inside the Chalet on Mount Ormond Resort and escape
  • All Aboard: Sound the Foghorn of “The Pale Rose” by repairing the Generator on the Paddle Steamer’s upper deck
  • Haemophobia: Escape from Disturbed Ward without getting injured once
  • Outbreak Breakout: Open the Exit Gates and escape from either of the Raccoon City Maps 20 times

Survivor achievements

These challenges are all about the Survivor side of the game, from your rank to the way you play the game. There are 50+ Survivor achievements and they include teamwork, killer-dodging, generator care, survival skills, destruction, and treasure-hunting.

Killer achievements

Much more specific than their Survivor counterparts, the 60+ Killer achievements let you test your Survivor-hunting and the finesse of your sacrifices. There is also at least one special milestone for each Killer, so if you’re a Nurse main, make sure to complete hers.

Hidden achievements

For example, technically putting a survivor on a Hook and them dying counts as sacrificing them to the entity. Actually killing them only happens under specific circumstances.

  • Agonizing Escape: Crawl your way out of the Exit Gates or into the Hatch
  • Blood on Your Hands: Kill your first Survivor using unique techniques: Momento Mori, Devour Hope, Rancor, The Shape‘s Tombstone, Executioner‘s Final Judgment, Onryo‘s Inexororable Stare, or The Pig‘s Reverse Bear Trap
  • Blood in Your Mouth: Kill 25 Survivors using the aforementioned murder methods
  • Blood on Your Face: Kill all Survivors in a single trial, using the aforementioned murder methods
  • Backdoor Escape: Escape from a trial through the Hatch
  • The Key to Escape: Escape through the Hatch using a Key

Adept achievements

In the case of these Adept milestones, each Survivor and Killer has one. You hit them by playing a character, only using their unique perks, and winning the round. For example, you get the Adept Ada achievement by escaping with Ada Wong using only her special perks, Wiretap, Reactive Healing, and Low Profile. Make a special build for each character’s unique skills and you’ll get all these Adept achievements easily. It will take some time, though, considering there are over 50 Survivors and Killers.