Best ways to level up every trade skill in New World

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In most RPGs, players will have several progression methods as they grind to higher levels. New World is no exception. First, there’s the regular leveling system for your character. It entails gaining experience points (XP) through various methods, allowing you to increase your attributes. Next, there’s the weapon mastery system, where you improve your proficiency with different armaments so you can unlock skills. Finally, there’s the trade skill feature which we’ll discuss in detail. Here’s our guide to help you with the best ways to level up every trade skill in New World.

The best ways to level up your trade skills

Before we continue, we’ll first need to look at the trade skill categories in New World. You can see these by pressing K to open the tab. The main categories here are Gathering, Refining, and Crafting. Likewise, when leveled up, each individual trade skill will either unlock new recipes or allow you to gather rarer materials.

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Gathering trade skills

These comprise the most basic actions in the game, providing a means for you to obtain raw materials in the wild. Gathering trade skills include the following:

  • Fishing – Use a fishing pole and go to a body of water. Press F3 to start the fishing minigame. You may also use Woodlouse Bait and Firefly Bait to improve your success rate.
  • Logging – Have a logging axe and find trees to cut down by pressing E.
  • Tracking and Skinning – You’ll have to hunt and kill wild animals like boars, wolves, and turkeys. Then, press E to start skinning them.
  • Harvesting – You’ll need a sickle for this one. Try to find slightly unique-looking fauna and shrubbery to start harvesting them for items like hemp and fiber.
  • Mining – These are visible as rocks or nodes on the field. At the start, you’ll crack open boulders, as well as mine iron and silver deposits. Don’t forget to bring a mining pick with you at all times.
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Refining trade skills

Refining is the process of turning raw materials into viable goods that can be used for crafting recipes and blueprints. Once you reach a settlement (i.e., First Light), you should find several stations that will allow you to turn the resources that you’ve gathered into more useful items.

To be frank, the best way to quickly level up your Refining trade skills is to ensure that you already have many raw materials with you. If you don’t want to farm in the wild, you might be able to buy some from the Trade Post (though items here would require a bit of gold). Another thing to remember is that by using stations often, you’ll increase their tiers and gain chances to craft additional items per action. In any case, Refining trade skills include the following:

  • Smelting – Uses the Smelter; turns ores from Mining into ingots; turns wood from Logging into charcoal.
  • Woodworking – Uses the Woodshop; turns wood from Logging into timber.
  • Leatherworking – Uses the Tannery; turns hides from Skinning into leather.
  • Weaving – Uses the Loom; turns fibers from Harvesting into linen which, subsequently, can be turned into sateen or silk.
  • Stonecutting – Uses the Stonecutting Table; turns stone from Mining into blocks. This is also where you can convert items like Fire Motes, Soul Motes, and Life Motes into flawed gems.
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Crafting trade skills

Lastly, the crafting trade skills in New World are the ones that actually give you the finished product. These are items that can be consumed or gear pieces that can be equipped. Here are the Crafting trade skills in New World:

  • Weaponsmithing and Armoring – Uses the Forge. These trade skills let you create new weapons and armors respectively, and the items require various amounts of ingots, timber, and leather per recipe. Also, Weaponsmithing governs the creation of armaments like swords, shields, and war hammers.
  • Engineering – Uses both the Workshop and the Forge. Lets you create gathering tools and ammunition. Engineering also governs the creation of certain weapons like hatchets, spears, bows, and muskets.
  • Jewelcrafting – Uses the Outfitting Station; turns metals and cut jewels into amulets or trinkets.
  • Arcana – Uses the Arcane Repository; lets you craft magical weapons like the life staff, fire staff, and ice gauntlets; allows you to make potions and wisps.
  • Cooking – Uses the Kitchen; lets you create rations for healing, buffing, and restorative purposes; the action can also be performed while camping.
  • Furnishing – Uses the Workshop; create furtniture and fixtures (i.e., bookcases, cabinets, trophies, and the like). This is a trade skill that you’ll want to consider after you’ve purchased a house in New World.
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