Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Perks & Where to Find Them

Perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor modify your gameplay, and they appear in difficult locations. This guide shows you where to find all perks.

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There’s a wide range of customization available to you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can modify Cal Kestis’ hair, his clothing, the type of lightsaber he’s using, and the color of the blade. What you can’t change is the stats of his attacks or his overall damage output, but you can pick and choose from a wide range of perks to lean into your play style.

The perks you find in Jedi: Survivor is some of the only ways you can add a variety of passive bonuses to your playstyle, giving you an edge in combat as you increase the difficulty and fight against tougher foes. This guide covers all perks and where to find them in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Every Perk and How To Get Them in Jedi: Survivor

There are 25 perks for you to collect Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These are scattered throughout the planets, with most of them appearing on Koboh, but you can find a few on the Shattered Moon and Jedha.

Each perk you unlock gives you a new type of playstyle, unlocking a unique mechanic you can use with your playstyle. You can only equip a certain amount, based on the number of perk slots you’ve already unlocked. More perk slots become available by working through the campaign, purchasing them from Zee’s shop at Pyloon’s Saloon, or completing puzzles on Jedha.

Every perk in Jedi: Survivor can be helpful for you to use based on your playstyle and the challenge level you’re playing at in the campaign. An excellent way to take advantage of them is to find them all in your first campaign and then start a New Game Plus mode, picking out favorites, and playing the game on a high difficulty level.

These are all of the perks you can get in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and where you can find them.

Perk LocationPerk NameDescription/EffectPerk Slot Size
AmbidexterityYou can find this in the Devastated Settlement region. It’s a reward for completing the Chamber of Ambidexterity. When you shoot an enemy, your Lightsaber does more damage for a short time.3 slots
CenteredYou’ll acquire this perk shortly after defeating Rayvis during the main campaign on the Shattered Moon. When using a healing stim, enemies near Cal will stagger backward from the effect.2 slots
DexterityThis is a reward for completing the Chamber of Reason on Koboh. Any time you throw your Lightsaber, it will do more damage.2 slots
ElixirYou can buy this at Zee’s Datadisk shop in Pyloon’s Saloon. Anytime you use a healing stim, this perk gives you a small amount of Super Meter.2 slots
EquilibriumThis is a perk you can purchase from Zee’s shop in Pyloon’s Saloon after you find enough Datadisks. When you use your Force Abilities, your lightsaber damage is increased.3 slots
FellowshipThis is a reward for completing the Chamber of Clarity. The perk allows BD-1 to carry an extra Stim, but max stims won’t refill until Cal rests.4 slots
FluxThis is another perk you can purchase from Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon using Datadisks. Your maximum force is reduced, but you regain a small amount over time.1 slot
FortificationYou can find this perk in the Forest Array region on Koboh. While you have this perk, your life goes up to a minimum amount when you’re low on health.3 slots
FortitudeYou will need to defeat the Vile Bilemaw in the Fogged Expanse to unlock this perk. While you have it, your Lightsaber damage will increase, but so will all incoming damage against you.4 slots
GamblerYou can earn this at the end of the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle on Jedha, after defeating the Sutaban Alpha. When you have this perk, you gain additional experience points, but you no longer have Restore when you die.4 slots
MarksmanshipYou can find this in the Devastated Settlement. This perk allows you to do more blaster shot damage while in the Blaster Stance.3 slots
PatienceThis perk is awarded to you at the Chamber of Detachment on Koboh. While using this perk, whenever you use Slot, part of your health goes up.3 slots
PerplexityYou can find this in the Mountain Observatory. You can unlock it shortly after defeating Dagan. This perk will increase the damage all enemies do when they are under the influence of Confusion.2 slots
PersistenceThis perk is a reward for completing the Chamber of Fortitude on Koboh. When you take out an enemy using Slow, gain a small amount of health.2 slots
PrecisionThis is another perk you can find in the Devastated Settlement. While using it your damage to an enemy’s Stamina bar is higher, but your parry timer is shorter.2 slots
End of GamePurityThis is only available in New Game Plus. You can unlock it after you’ve completed the game.No Slots
RecuperationThis is a reward for completing the Chamber of Connection. While using it the minimum level of Force Meter you have is increased from the standard amount.3 slots
ResilienceThis is a reward for the Chamber of Duality. Your overall block meter is increased.1 slot
ShatterYou can earn this by taking on the Rancor in the Sodden Grotto. Your attacks become more effective at breaking an enemy’s guard.2 slots
SteadfastThis is a perk you can purchase from Zee’s shop in Pyloon’s Saloon. You can absorb one hit it while sprinting.1 slot
End of GameTrendsetterThis is available after you’ve completed Jedi: Survivor at least once and when you start your New Game Plus.No Slots
UnflinchingYou’ll earn this perk by defeating the Golden Skriton on Jedha. You can now absorb one hit while you charging your blaster.1 slot
VersatilityYou can purchase this perk at Zee’s shop at Pyloon’s Saloon. Shortly after switching lightsaber stances you now deal increased damage.3 slots
End of GameWarriorThis perk only unlocks after you’ve completed the game and it appears in your New Game Plus run.No Slots
WisdomThis is a perk you can purchase from Zee’s Shop at Pyloon’s Salon. You now gain increased experience points from defeating enemies.3 slots

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