Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get The Archaic Tunic & Pants

The Archaic Shirt and Pants are an armor set you can find in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you where to find them.

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There are dozens of armor sets that you’ll need to track down in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the Archaic armor is one of the first sets you need to find. There are a handful of items you can discover in the beginning area, the Great Sky Island, but they’re hidden.

You’ll need to do some exploring if you want to find the Archaic Shirt & Pants on the Great Sky Island. Plus, there’s a third piece you can find on this land that’s a bit more hidden, and it should prove helpful in the future. This guide covers how to get the Archaic Shirt & Pants in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Get the Archaic Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

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There are two primary armor pieces in the Archaic Armor set, the Shirt and the Pants. The pants are some of the first items you can find while exploring the Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom, so you should be able to grab those relatively fast.

The Archaic pants will appear at the end of the cave when you first begin playing Tears of the Kingdom inside the Room of Awakening.

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The Archaic Tunic is a bit tougher to find in Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll need to progress through the first of the Great Sky Island until you reach the southern area of this region. There’s a cave you can explore called the Pondside Cave, and there will be a chest to the left of the exit. Head inside this room, and you’ll find the shirt, completing the Archaic Armor set.

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However, there is a final Archaic armor piece on the Great Sky Island. You can find it after you’ve completed the Gutanbac Shrine, the final Shrine you need to finish for The Closed Door quest. Here, you’ll unlock the Ascend ability.

With the Ascend Ability, walk out of the Gutanbac Shrine, there is a small platform leading to another platform. Use the Ascend Ability to jump up, and you’ll end at the hollowed-out bottom of a tree. On the right side of this tree is the Archaic Warm Greaves, which will give you Cold Resistance.

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And that’s it! Check out our other The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides below to help with crafting, exploring, and tackling challenges across Hyrule.

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