Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Find Ancient Blades

Untap ancient power with the help of these potent fuse items.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces the Fuse system, allowing Link to enhance his damage output by combining weapons and materials. While fusing two weapons together provides benefits, almost every material in the game will increase a weapon’s attack power when fused. Some items have alternate uses like cooking or crafting elixirs, but there are specific items designed solely for weapon and shield fusion, such as the Ancient Blade.

The Ancient Blade is an incredibly powerful item that adds an impressive +50 attack power when fused with a weapon. This enhancement helps Link easily defeat challenging enemies, sometimes even in a single hit. Here are several locations and methods to acquire this potent Fuse material in Tears of the Kingdom. Here is everything you need to know about finding Ancient Blades in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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What is the Ancient Blade in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Ancient Blade stands out in Tears of the Kingdom because it offers the highest attack power bonus when fused, surpassing that of all other items and materials in the game. However, its advantage is short-lived as the Ancient Blade breaks after a single use, regardless of whether it has been Fused with a melee weapon or with an arrow. Additionally, if it kills the target in one hit it will cause the enemy’s corpse to disappear, so Link will not be able to collect any of its loot.

Where to Find the Ancient Blade in Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are several methods to acquire Ancient Blades. These powerful items can be found in treasure chests scattered throughout Hyrule. Additionally, scanning a specific Amiibo can also grant you a chance to obtain an Ancient Blade. Finally, once you’ve made significant progress in the main story, you can purchase Ancient Blades from an NPC. Here are the specific details on obtaining Ancient Blades in Tears of the Kingdom.

Ancient Blade Source – Treasure Chest Locations

If you’re looking to acquire an Ancient Blade in Tears of the Kingdom, there are specific treasure chests in which Link can find them. It’s important to note that these treasure chests do not respawn, meaning there is a limited number of Ancient Blades available through this method. These are some of the confirmed treasure chest locations where you can find an Ancient Blade in Tears of the Kingdom:

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Well in Highland Stable
Coordinates: 0537, -3427, 0048
Visit the Highland Stable and you’ll find the well that leads down into the Komo Shoreline Cave. A short distance after entering, you’ll see a small area with some crates and a chest that contains an Ancient Blade.

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Northwest of Farosh Hills
Coordinates: 0391, -2317, 0009
You’ll find a buried chest containing the Ancient Blade in some shallow water at this location.

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North of Deya Lake
Coordinates: 0266, -1652, 0009
Locate a buried chest containing an Ancient Blade on the shore near a bridge across the Hylia River, north of Deya Lake.

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West of Outpost Ruins
Coordinates: -0557, -1688, 0072
Discover a chest containing an Ancient Blade behind a giant rock found up a ledge west of the Outpost Ruins.

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East of East Necluda
Coordinates: 2936, -2514, 0122
Journey to the east of the East Necluda text on the map, you’ll find a partially buried chest near some stone walls. Inside this chest you’ll find an Ancient Blade.

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Talus Plateau Cave
Coordinates: 4507, -0232, 0051
Search the cliff for a massive rock wall. Break the wall and you’ll discover a small cave and a chest containing an Ancient Blade.

Ancient Blade Source – Archer Link Amiibo Reward

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If you’re looking to acquire Ancient Blades in Tears of the Kingdom, one method is by scanning the Archer Link Amiibo from Breath of the Wild. When using this Amiibo, there is a chance that it will drop an Ancient Blade as a reward. This inclusion is likely a reference to the powerful Ancient Arrows that Link used in Breath of the Wild. By fusing an Ancient Blade onto an arrow, Link can experience the same power and relive the glory of his past adventures, albeit briefly.

Ancient Blade Source – Purchased in The Spirit Temple

Purah Pad
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For players in the late game stage, the most reliable method to obtain additional Ancient Blades is by purchasing them from an NPC located in the Spirit Temple. However, unlocking access to the Spirit Temple requires completing all four of the main story temples in Tears of the Kingdom and finishing the main quest, “Main Quest: Guidance from Ages Past.”

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Once unlocked, to reach the Spirit Temple, head to the southeast region of the Depths where you’ll find it at coordinates 1402, -3213, -0597. Inside the Spirit Temple you will find two friendly Constructs at coordinates 1335, -3365, -0737. One of them will sell Zonai weapons and the other offers Ancient Blades at a cost of 50 Zonaite per blade. You can purchase an unlimited quantity of Ancient Blades from this NPC as long as you are able to collect enough Zonaite.

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