What is the max amount of Missiles you can have in Metroid Dread? Answered

Seriously, where does Samus store them all?

Image via Nintendo

The Missile Launcher is one of the best weapons in Metroid history. Although Dread starts with the typical power drain, leaving Samus Aran without most of her iconic abilities, she thankfully retains the launcher. The thing is, she only has a measly 15 Missiles in her arsenal at the start.

Fortunately, there’s a huge amount of Missile Tanks to find on Planet ZDR. Along with Energy Tanks and Power Bomb Tanks, they’re the most common collectible in the game. So how many can you carry by the end? The maximum number of missiles in Metroid Dread is 275 – that’s a lot.

As you explore, you’ll come across both standard Missile Tanks as well as Missile+ Tanks. The former adds two Missiles to your total, while the latter adds a whole 10. If you’re having trouble tracking them all down, don’t sweat it. We have guides for Planet ZDR’s regions to help you find all the hidden Missile Tanks there.

Missiles are a great combat tool, made even more powerful when you acquire the Super Missile. They’re also needed for navigation in some instances. Ice Missiles can be used to freeze plant platforms and destroy the fiery Enky mushrooms blocking your path, while Storm Missiles can be aimed at green targets to deactivate certain blocks. Each Storm Missile cluster takes three shots from your stock, so you’re going to want to track down more Missile Tanks to hit that 275 max.