God of War PS4 Wiki: Walkthrough, Defeat Bosses, Weapon Locations Guides

 God of War PS4 Wiki: Walkthrough, Defeat Bosses, Weapon Locations Guides

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God of war is a third person action-adventure video game. It is the eighth installment in the God of war series which is based on the Norse mythology. The protagonist Kratos returns as the main character and now he has a son named Aterus. Kratos now lives with his son in the world of the Norse gods, a world with ferocious monsters and warriors. Now for his son to survive in such a world, Kratos must now master his rage and accept his new role as a father and mentor. So let’s get started with the God of War Wiki to know the Storyline, Guides, Walkthroughs and more.

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Chapter 1: The Journey

The Marked Trees

  • Follow the river downstream
  • Hunt with Atreus
  • Defeat Enemies
  • Defeat Daudi Kaupmadr Boss
  • Return to the house
  • Defeat The Stranger Boss

Path to the Mountain

  • Journey to the Mountain
  • Escape The Ruins
  • Fight of the Reavers
  • Gate to the Mountain
  • Follow the Witch

The Realm Beyond

  • Follow the Witch
  • Travel to Alfheim

Light of Alfhiem

  • Find a way to the Light
  • Get to the ringed temple
  • Find a way into the temple
  • Reactivate the Ringed Temple bridge
  • Enter The Temple
  • Find another way into the temple
  • Find a way into the hive
  • Break into the Hive
  • Destroy the hive and claim the light
  • Find a way out of the temple
  • Return to Midgard
  • Return to the mountain

Inside The Mountain

  • Ascend the Mountain
  • Traverse the dark caves
  • Ascend the Cave Shaft
  • Defeat Boss Jarn Fotr: Ice Troll
  • Find a way to ascend
  • Reach the Summit
  • Dragon Boss Fight

A New Destination

  • Take Mimir’s head to the Witch
  • Return to the Witch’s cavern

The Magic Chisel

  • Follow Mimir’s instructions to the chisel
  • Investigate the Dead Giant
  • Retrieve the piece of the Chisel
  • Defeat Ice Ancient
  • Find a way to break the ice
  • Find a way to the hammer
  • Make your way up the hammer
  • Find the way to the hammer’s head
  • Push the Hammer
  • Make your way to the Chisel
  • Defeat Magni & Modi Boss

Behind the Lock God

  • Return to the boat
  • Go to Tyr’s Vault
  • Ask Freya for help

The Sickness Walkthrough

  • Return to Tyr’s travel room
  • Reach the Bridge Keeper
  • Defeat the Bridge Keeper (Mattugr Helson)

The Black Rune

  • Return to Tyr’s Vault
  • Retrieve Black Rune
  • Escape the Trap
  • Defeat Grendel of the Ashes

Return to the Summit

  • Go back through the Tower
  • Muspelheim (Realm of Fire)
  • Muspelheim Trails 1
  • Muspelheim Trails 2
  • Muspelheim Trails 3
  • Journey back to the mountain
  • Find a new path up to the summit
  • Open the bridge to Jotunheim

Escape from Helheim

  • Find a way out of Helheim
  • Use the Ship
  • Escape Helheim

A Path To Jotunheim

  • Realm Travel back to Midgard
  • Locate Tyr’s mysterious door
  • Break the chains
  • Go back up and flip the temple
  • Return to Tyr’s travel room

Between The Realms

  • Explore the realm between realm
  • Survive the gauntlet of realms

Jotunheim in Reach

  • Return to Tyr’s travel room
  • Boat into the Serpent’s mouth
  • Return to Tyr’s travel room
  • Defeat Baldur

Mother’s Ashes (Ending And Secret Ending)

  • Return to Tyr’s travel room
  • Find Jotunheim’s highest peak
  • Scatter her Ashes
  • God of War Secret Ending

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