How to complete The Centaur and The Stone in Hogwarts Legacy

The Centaur and The Stone in Hogwarts Legacy involves accompanying Poppy on a mission to retrieve the Scholars’ Moonstone.

Watching the Mooncalves Dance with Poppy in Hogwarts Legacy

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After realizing the Snidgets might be in danger of the Poachers in Hogwarts Legacy, you and Poppy Sweeting decide to request help from the Centaurs in “The Centaur and the Stone.” During the previous “Surprise Meeting,” you quickly discover the aggressive Centaurs are less than willing to grant aid in your endeavor. However, the elder Dorran agrees to help by sending you and Poppy off in search of a special Moonstone, which must be placed into a henge in the forest. Thus, you must travel to Irondale in the Feldcroft Region to rendezvous with Poppy at a cave called Moonstone Garden.

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Completing The Centaur and The Stone in Hogwarts Legacy

Meeting Poppy Outside Moonstone Garden in Hogwarts Legacy
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Upon entering the initial room during “The Centaur and The Stone” Relationship Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first cast Depulso on a crumbled doorway to progress through the grotto. After entering the second room, you will encounter your first enemy, a Cottongrass Dugbog. Remember that you can cast Levioso right before it attacks you with its tongue, leaving it hanging in the air, vulnerable to your Spells. Cast Depulso again on the dented metal door to press onward. Several Fwoopers will fly past you into a larger cave with a massive tree, where you will find your target quest item, the Scholars’ Moonstone.

First puzzle in The Centaur and The Stone in Hogwarts Legacy
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The next main room you enter will be the first puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy during “The Centaur and The Stone.” On both sides of the exit sit two Moth Rotators. To activate the mechanisms, you will need two Moths. After glancing around the room, you will notice several runic symbols on the walls. To open these walls and reveal their inner compartments, you must cast Accio on the rings above the walls with a single sign. Pulling out two horizontal columns of a certain symbol will open the wall with two identical runic markings. To get the Moths to solve the puzzle, open the second wall on the left and the first wall on the right. 

Second puzzle in The Centaur and The Stone in Hogwarts Legacy
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After getting the Moths of the first puzzle in “The Centaur and The Stone,” use Lumos in Hogwarts Legacy to guide them to the rotators before casting Depulso to have them open the gate. The next chamber is the second and final puzzle you will encounter during this quest. It involves using the Moths you found in the previous room, including a third, which must be retrieved from the chamber’s lower level. To solve the puzzle, cast Lumos again to direct the two Moths you previously found to the two Moth Rotators in this new room. Next, use Depulso on the first rotator to bring up a bridge and cross to the opposite side. 

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Aim your wand at the rotator beside the waterfall and cast Depulso again to obtain the third Moth in “The Centaur and The Stone” of Hogwarts Legacy. Use Lumos to guide it to the room’s exit before retrieving the other two Moths from the rotators, placing them both at the door to unlock it. The next room will have two Great Spined Dugbogs for you to defeat before moving forward. If you are aiming to obtain the “Finishing Touches” achievement/trophy, you can attack them with Ancient Magic if your gauges are ready. After clearing the room, swim into the pool of water ahead and dive into the whirlpool to enter the final grotto of Moonstone Garden.

Finding the Scholars' Moonstone in Hogwarts Legacy
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The last cave of Moonstone Garden in “The Centaur and The Stone” does not have any enemies you need to deal with in Hogwarts Legacy. However, you will need to equip the Incendio Spell to remove the thorny brushes that block the pathway twice along the winding trail to the central Fwooper tree. After climbing up to the top, you will find the Scholars’ Moonstone, the quest item Dorran told you to place in the henge of the forest during the “Surprise Meeting.”

Once you have the Scholars’ Moonstone, you can continue to explore Moonstone Garden or head immediately to the henge in the forest with your companion Poppy in Hogwarts Legacy. Upon arrival at the henge, you will notice a small ravine between you and the destination. Unfortunately, flying on your Broom is prohibited during this quest, so you will need to turn around and descend the rocky shelf to the dirt trail below. Follow the road on the left and then climb onto the small ridge to reach the henge on the hill above. 

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Placing the Scholar's Moonstone in the henge during The Centaur and The Stone in Hogwarts Legacy
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For the final step in “The Centaur and The Stone” in Hogwarts Legacy, you must approach the henge and place the Scholars’ Moonstone into the round crevice. Several Mooncalfs will appear and begin happily dancing around the henge. Poppy will then give you insight into her family’s less-than-ideal background before sending you back to the Hogwarts Grounds to conclude the quest.