Baldur’s Gate 3: All Missable Side Quests & Content in Act 1

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled to the brim with content, and Act 1 quests can be missed if you are powering through the story.

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It’s no secret that Baldur’s Gate 3 is overflowing with content. Every corner is filled with a secret side quest that’s pretty easy to miss. After all, platinum-ing the game would take no less than 200 hours. Still, with the excitement of all the new mechanics, characters, and world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and start skipping content.

One thing leads to the next, and suddenly, you might find yourself rushing to a new area, feeling like maybe some knots were left untied in the previous one. This guide helps you 100% complete the Wilderness, Underdark, and Mountain Pass areas in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Wilderness Side Quests in Act 1

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Side Quest Where to StartMap Location
Feed or Kill the Dying Mind FlayerSpeak to the Mind Flayer near the crashed Nautiloid in Ravaged Beach.  
Enter the Tiefling Kids’ Hideout Find the concealed entrance behind Mattis’ store.  
Buy The Lucky RingInteract with Mattis at The Hollow.  
Free Sazza The GoblinSpeak with the Goblin Prisoner at The Hollow.  
Heal Padirna’s LegsSpeak with the woman in the locked storage room at The Hollow.  
Save NadiraLook for Nadira in the Emerald Grove gates.  
Steal the Sacred IdolIn Emerald Grove, steal the sacred idol from the Druids.  
Expose KaghaLockpick and read the contents of Kagha’s Chest in the Emerald Grove.  
Speak to the Strange OxInteract with the Strange Ox in the Emerald Grove.strange-ox-map-reference-in-baldurs-gate-3
Find and Recruit ScratchLook for a white dog next to their dead owner in the Forest.  
Make a deal with or kill Auntie Ethel to save MayrinaHead to the Sunlit Wetlands and speak with Auntie Ethel.  
Steal Spider Eggs from NestStick your hand in the spiderling nest south of Emerald Grove.  
Recruit Withers in the Dank CryptHead to the chapel ruins near Roadside Cliffs Sigil Circle and find a way into the Dank Crypt.  
Rescue and Recruit the Owlbear CubInteract with the Owlbear cub in the Goblin camp.  
Solve the Defiled Temple Puzzle Inside the Goblin Camp, look for the Defiled Temple Puzzle.  
Recruit Volo and get the Ersatz EyeRescue Volo from the Goblins and ask him to remove the parasite.   
Rescue First Druid Halsin Look for Halsin in the Worg Pens in the Goblin Camp.  
Explore the Cellar to find the Necromancy of Thay In the Blighted Village, explore the cellar to find a secret necromancy tome.  
Recruit the OgresSpeak with the Ogres near the Blighted Village and pass some perception checks to recruit them.  
Rescue the Windmill Gnome Speak to the goblins near the Blighted Village’s windmill to save the prisoner gnome.   
Open or Return the Caravan StrongboxGet the Caravan Strongbox from the Gnolls in the Risen Road’s cave.   
Free Oskar Fevras Find the Zhentarim Hideout and speak with Brem.  
Save MolSave Mol from the Harpies in the Secluded Cove.  

Baldur’s Gate 3: Underdark Side Quests in Act 1 

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Side Quest Where to StartMap Location 
Solve the Eyes on the Wall PuzzleEnter the Underdark and solve the puzzle on the entrance’s left.
Enter the Arcane TowerHead southwest from the Underdark entrance to find the Arcane Tower. 
Side with SpawTalk to Spaw at the Myconid Colony in the Underdark.  
Free the GnomesFree the Gnomes from the Duergars at the Underdark’s beach. 
Deliver Nere’s HeadSpeak with Spaw or Glut after defeating the Duergars. 
Find the Adamantine ForgeFind this legendary forge hidden in the Underdark. 
Cure ThullaSpeak with Thulla, the poisoned Gnome, in the Myconid Colony.  

Baldur’s Gate 3: Mountain Pass Side Quests in Act 1

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Side QuestWhere to StartMap Location
Steal the Githyanki EggSpeak with Lady Esther in Rosymorn Monastery.  
Get the Blood of Lathander LegendaryInside Rosymorn Monastery, interact with the puzzle on the second floor.