Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mission List

 Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mission List

Red Dead Redemption is a long game, it is based on the outlaws, the gangs of old America who live on their own terms. The country is changing, it has kept its foot in the new world where now the Government controls everything. You will play as Arthur who is the foremost member of Dutch van der Linde gang, you will see how his life changes, what struggles break him and what drives his end as an outlaw. The game is divided into 6 chapters with multiple missions. You can find the list of all missions in this guide.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission List

Main Chapters & Mission List | RDR2

Red Dead Redemption is divided into 6 primary chapters based on Arthur’s life, and the chapters are further divided into short mission’s.

Chapter 1 Colter Mission List

Red Dead Redemption 2 begins with a very short intro of some gang members who are crossing the rough winter season to find a land to settle down. There are total six missions in the first chapter you will learn hunting, using weapons, robbery, before the gang shifts to a new campsite.

Chapter 2 Horseshoe Overlook Mission List

The gang will once again change their position to a new camp, Arthur finds a vacant land near a lake where the camp will settle down for a while. Arthur will play a few short mission when everyone finally decides to find a new campsite.

Chapter 3 Clement Point Mission List

Dutch and his entire gang’s shifts to a new campsite, you will unlock customization and a lot of other items in this chapter. Like the camp ledger where you can buy things to upgrade the camp, fishing, etc. You will also unlock a Legendary Animal – Bear, but due to your low stats you cannot hunt it for a while, you will learn to use baits to attract these animals. Another thing that will help you to make money is robbing stagecoaches and selling them off. This will allow you to earn some instant cash.

Chapter 4 Saint-Denis Mission List

Dutch and his hang settle down near a big city Saint-Denis, finally, their hunt of a camp is over in the wilderness, they are near to a big city that is ruled by a man Angelo Bronte. Dutch and Arthur will negotiate him to release Jack, son of John & Abigail. Due to betrayal from Bronte, Dutch wants revenge. In between Arthur also meets a new character a chief of Native Indian’s Rains Falls. In the final mission, Dutch plans a bank robbery that turns out to be a big failure.

Chapter 5 Guarma Mission List

The last bank robbery brought some bad news for Dutch and Arthur while escaping they hide in a ship and was left abandoned in a remote island of Guarma. An island stuck in a war between the rebels and Fussar. The gang manages to escape the island and returns to Saint-Denis to reunite with others. Arthur will also learn about this falling health in this chapter.

Chapter 6 Beaver Hollow Mission List

The journey of Arthur is about to end, this is the last chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur is unhappy with changing Dutch’s behavior. He wants John to leave the camp with his family and start a new life. A lot of things changes in Arthur’s life before he takes his final breath.

Once you are done with the chapters there are two Epilogues where you will play as John, who is able to escape from the gang life.

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