Every Warframe, and how to get them all, in Warframe

Every Warframe in the game.


The main attraction of Warframe for many players are the actual Warframes themselves. You have dozens of different Warframes you can play as, all with unique looks, abilities, and strengths. Do you want to embrace the pure stealth of Loki or Ivara, or become an unstoppable, unkillable Nidus or Inaros?

Below, you will find a full list of all the Warframes in the game, with links to guides on how to get them. The lists are split between the standard Warframes and the more powerful Prime Variants.

All Warframes

All Prime Warframes

Prime Warframes are slightly better versions of the Warframe, often having increased armor or energy. They can be gotten by obtaining Void Relics. These Relics are earned from playing missions in the game and will contain different Prime parts. They need to be opened in Void Fissure missions.

Many Prime variants will be vaulted, and you will only be able to farm during special Unvaulting events.